The multifunctional sunshade stand

Swiss Patent

sunshade stand
Pat. No. CH0410/05

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Examples for the convenient use of the Cloverleaf sunshade stand in your free time:

Your many-sided possibilities for the stabilization of your Cloverleaf sunshade stand
For the usage at the beach sable is heap up on the base of the Cloverleaf sunshade stand. Depending on the weight of teh sunshade and on the current wind ratio a corresponding quantity of sable can be heap up to guarantee the necessary steadiness. This is one of the major advantages of the Cloevrleaf sunshade stand adverse the traditional sunshade stands where the quantity of weighthiness is limited.

In the garden you can put stones on the base of the Cloverleaf sunshade stand to stabilize it.

Particularly convenient is teh use of the Cloverleaf sunshade stand combined with a garden table that has a hole in its centre. As the sunshade is stabilized by the table you donĀ“t need any other heavy weight.

The sunshade stand offers as an additional functionality the possibility to be used as a small table. For that purpose you need two Cloverleaf sunshade stands.

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